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My Avon website is open 24/7; therefore enjoy a stress-free AVON shopping experience at your own convenience. Just sit back, relax, and browse away. On my website you have the luxury of having customer reviews, tips, and product details right at your fingertips. Also, by registering to my site, you will opt in to receive email notifications on specials, free shipping offers, and new products.

Avon has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not happy with your item[s], you can exchange it or return it and get your money back.

Yes it is true my lovely customers! You may back order up to 3 campaigns.

Even online?
YES! You can backorder for direct delivery as well. All you have to do is on my website choose quick item entry and put in the product number. Next, in the dropdown menu choose the campaign you wish to order from.

If you decide to place an order on my site, please follow these simple steps:

1. Click the "Log In" or "Register now" link at the top of the page (You may Register or Log-in at the end if you prefer).

2. Click the "Shop Now" tab (top of page) or "Shop My Store" (right of page) to browse each department by tabs, Click the "Shop My E-Brochure" tab (right of page) to browse ALL the current brochures, or Click the "Quick Item Entry" tab (Right of Page) to search a specific item by description or product number.

3. Once you are ready to check-out, just go to your shopping bag and continue thru the check-out process (If you didn't already Register or Log-in you will have to at this time).

4. During check-out you will select either "Personal (Rep) or Direct Delivery" and enter any coupon code for savings. If you do not have a code please contact me.

--Personal (Rep) Delivery Option: You DO NOT pay up front. Instead your order will be shipped to ME and I will contact you to set up delivery date/time and payment. Please Only Choose this option if you are located within 30 miles of 07063 (unless you have contacted me and arranged something).

--Direct Delivery Option: You will pay up front and your order will ship directly to your house from Avon. I do not have access to your order or shipment. If any issues should arrive about your order/shipment then it should be taken up with Avon directly.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email me

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